Apartment Residents Say Mold is Making Them Sick

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Hey Mr Judgie… are YOU kidding? ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) ](*,)

I have no problem with the Judge or his decision at the time.

My problem is with the tenants and their lawyer. It’s no one else’s responsibility to move them. They should take responsibility for their own health and the health of their families and find another place to live.

If there is a legal problem with that, their lawyer should be in court getting their damage deposits back for them. PERIOD.

This kind of stuff is stupid. It’s on the lines of them standing in the middle of the interstate and complaining that the state isn’t giving them safe passage to the curb.

I know they didn’t cause the mold, but if the home is uninhabitable they can move. They have that right.

Family services should be called on the parents of that girl. They are not taking care of her by getting her to a healthy environment. That IS their fault.

The residents need to move out because making a stand is not worth your health. Do not wait for our legal system to save them because it probably won’t. Of course the owner needs to due the right thing and get the mold professionally cleaned up.
I always have clients wanting to sue their landlords. I tell them that it will be about impossible unless they got a lot of money and time.