appears unbonded

good evening fountains of knowledge, I am wiring in a couple new circuits in an addition i am building and I dont believe my panel appears bonded. its so loaded with wires its hard to tell but i dont think so. there is an outside box with a single 200 amp breaker in it, does this make the panel inside a ‘sub panel?’ but all present neutrals are on a couple bus bars by the breakers and all grounds are on a separate one off to the side. some electricians just prefer to do that but i dont see anything which appears to be bond. wonder if i can attach grounds to neutral bar because i have done so much wiring and i am oh so sick of being in stuffed panels. and it is hard to get to the ground bar…and i dont really understand ground anyway and no one has been able to explain why i find numerous ground conductors attached to plastic water supply lines coming from the ground which i dont see how that is a ground but anyway…i guess basically wondering if a single breaker box outside makes my panel inside into a sub so i have to get to that ground somehow
thanks for input


Yes, can you post some photo’s?

Harry Homeowner / Uncle Bob strikes again. If you don’t understand it you are not qualified to install it. :roll:

Are you qualified to inspect it if you don’t understand it?

I agree I think more education is required big time .

Isn’t he playing Home Inspector too?

I would suggest hiring an electrician for your home, and get some training if you are going to inspect this stuff for other people.

Fixed for you Brad… :wink: