Is this subpanel bonded correctly?

This is a subpanel, it looks like the nuetral and ground bars are not separated and they are both bonded to the panel. This is incorrect, right?:roll:

It doesn’t appear to be bonded to me.

The bus bars where the GEC’s are connected, appears to be isolated from (not bonded to) the box. That should be the neutral bus (judging from the standoffs) and there should be another bus bar attached directly to the enclosure.

What about the bonding strap running from the grounding bar to the panel. Doesn’t that constitute bonding?

Yes. It appears pretty small, but I didn’t see that originally.

Where are the neutrals?

I do not think the two showing are a feed are they? the feed must be feed from another direction

Shouldn’t there be two hots on the bridged circuit breakers with the white nuetrals connected to an isolated nuetral bar? Its seems as though it is a 120 volt branch circuit connected to a 240 volt circuit breaker? Thanks for your help.

The feed is coming from above with the nuetral connected to the bonded grounding bar.

Then it’s wrong.

Jason the bonding strap shown in the pic does not appear to attached to the ground bar. is there a 4 wire feed to the top of the panel. if so then what is shown appears to be the ground bar which should be bonded to the panel and the neutral which I can not see should be isolated from the panel. hope this is helpful.

Picture is of the gounding buss, which should be bonded to the panel (The bonding strap is visible in the photo and is connected to the panel and the buss). The grounded buss is not visible in your photo. In a sub panel the grounded buss should not be bonded to the panel or the grounding buss.

The feeds, and grounded buss are not visible in the photo, so I can’t comment.

Is this panel directly mounted with metal to metal contact to another panel, back to back? I see knockouts below the panel.

Jason -

Do you have a complete pic of the subpanel? Nobody can see whether or not a neutral buss is available, therefor, it is difficult to state whether it is bonded or not. The buss that is being shown appears to be for gorunding conductors only since only bare wire is attached to it.


Guys, thanks for your help. I spoke to an electrician in regard to this issue. This is what he stated, "Because the subpanel is only being used with 240 volt circuit breakers it does **not **need a neutral bus bar. However the panel should be labeled ‘240 volt only’ and the ends of the neutral wires connected to the breakers should be wrapped with black electrical tape (phased). Here is a link I found containing some more information: