Applying for the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award

:smile:There have been many questions as to where to apply for this Award in the past few months.
I thought I would try to explain on how to apply for it and where to follow the Members that have received the Certificate Award.

First, the Criteria;

*Article 1 – Introduction

*The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award program was created to publicly recognize InterNACHI member for superior continued educational performance during the calendar year.

Article 2 – Description of the Program

The Recipient exemplifies the Continued Educational Efforts by establishing and accomplishing at least 50 hours of approved CEU’s in a calendar year.
The InterNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of this award.

Article 3 – Eligibility

All members of the InterNACHI Association are eligible.

Article 4 – Submission Guidelines

Candidates are self-nominated by properly filling out the INACHI CEU Log Online.

Second, the Certificate;

Third, the Members that have received it for the Year 2010

The Gerry Beaumont Achievement Educational Award

Wayne Cole

Greg Bell

Dennis P. Quigley

Patrick Carter

[FONT=Tahoma]Marcel R. Cyr[/FONT]

Buck Hartley

Russell J. Hensel

David Macy

[FONT=Tahoma]Scott Gilligan[/FONT]

Christopher Currins](

[FONT=Times New Roman]Alan Bryant[/FONT]

**[FONT=Verdana]**Christian Mettel ****[/FONT]
****Daniel Henderson ****

Gary Oleski

Preston Halstead

Aaron M. Zuehlke

Michael L. DeVaughn

Clint McKie

John E Mullarkey

Jerry Suarez

If I forgot anyone, I appologize and please let me know.

Fourth, How to apply,

or, send it to me at :smile:


Can you apply for a second year or are you only allowed one?

As an Awards Committee member maybe I can help you, Patrick.

Each calendar year that you meet the eligiblity requirements, for that year, you may apply, for that year.

Thanks Larry, he had sent me an email also and I told him the same thing.

I have over and above the hours for 2010 and I sent email but never received an answer for receiving the award. Please tell me what to do or who to contact. Thank you, Marcel

Alfred, the info is all on my first post. Email and all. :slight_smile:

Applying for the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award

Sent email, Thank you!

Received and sent to the committee, congratulations on this accomplishment. :slight_smile: