Apply for the Gerry Beaumont Educational Award

Apply now for your own Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award Certificate to post on your Websites.

The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award program was created to publicly recognize individual Inachi members for their superior Continued Educational performance during the calendar year.

The InterNACHI Gerry Beaumont Education Award is given out annually to a deserving member who successfully completes 50 Continuing Education credit hours within one calendar year.

Applying for the Certificate is easy, just follow the instructions listed here;

I would like to give credit to the design of the Certificate to:

William Warner
Thomas Witt
Inachi Staff

I should have spread out my 2015 credit hours… LOL! I had 205 in 2015, and so far I’ve only got 43 this year… better work on that…

Only 7 more to go for this year…:slight_smile: