Appraiser demanding all windows replaced

I’m not sure if this is the correct area to post this but here goes. I have a friend of mine, our company did his home inspection awhile back. Now he’s finally moving forward with closing on the home. The home I believe was 1973, and the only issue with the windows we found was a failed counter balance rod. No broken windows, no fogged windows, no severe gaps, no leaks etc…

Now the appraiser is apparently requiring all his windows to be replaced simply because they are “46 years old” and original to the home. I don’t think I’ve ever ran across this or heard of something like this. Sounds fishy to me?

There has to be more to the story. What kind of financing was your friend attempting to qualify for?? (Don’t assume!!)

I believe it was an FHA loan. I’m not saying the appraiser is dirty or unethical, and there may be more to the story, but it just seemed off to me.

I’m definitely not the most experienced by any means, but over 6 years of making a living home inspecting I’ve never had to suggest to a client about possibly replacing their windows to get their loan approved because there was nothing actually wrong with the functionality, but that they were just “old”.

Sounds like a Home Inspector turned Appraiser.

If this is factual, he needs to find another financial institution to deal with. The repair is not “required”, and neither is having to deal with this idiot. Sounds like something from California! No wait, IT IS!!!

Must be that “New Green Deal”. Don’t find another Banker, find somewhere else to live. I smell a politician behind this…

It sometimes depends on the state regs too. The lanes in the road between appraisers and inspectors are pretty clear in MD and DE, but we have had the “appraiser turned inspector” problem in VA. Since they recently implemented licensure, this will hopefully become a thing of the past.