Skip is on his way to an inspection .
Apparently CMHC wanted a home Inspection on this home to make sure there is no asbestos or UFFI .
Sounds like the appraiser went through and got CMHC upset about the home .
Skip used to live in this area and he says these homes are only about 20 years old, so theses two issues should not be a concern .
Have you ever heard about an Appraiser causing difficulties ( RE CHMC ) like this before.

Will post more later… Roy

It happened to me a couple of years ago. The appraiser mentioned in his report that it appeared to be a grow op. I had to go in and check it. It had a security system and some of the plumbing was incorrect. No signs of a prior grow op. found out later that his sister had bid on the house as well. Pretty fishy. CMHC would not secure the loan because of what he said. I had to write a letter saying he was wrong and my reasons why. Lots of pictures as well. I sent them about 30 pictures but over 200 of the house.

Great info thanks and thanks to those who sent emails too .
Much appreciated … ROY

Happened twice with me.

One appraiser stated that minor step cracking in a brick veneer home was a structural defect. :shock:

Another one said an interior drain to a sump pump in a century home (with a rubble foundation), was a reason not to advance the mortgage money.

Home was built 1990 some slight renovations going on Enlarging basement window to cover Fire escape for bedroom .
I guess the appraiser new little about construction .
Client and agent took report to CMHC it was excepted so all is well .
Thanks for the instant help … Much appreciated … Roy