Approaching 1st Anniversary of Daily Door Prize. What can we give or do special?

The NACHI Daily Door Prize is soon to enjoy its first Anniversary

We want to do something big for the winner on July 25th. Any ideas?

A Flir b2 or SD would be nice:D


Or a lawyer at our beck and call.

No idea for prize yet but how about only those who have never entered before can try to win, How about first in gets to win and the next ten go into a draw for two more prizes

How about a life time membership to NACHI!!!

A month with your car? :wink:

I’m with the Flir!

Wouldn’t be much of an anniversary if only certain people could enter. :frowning:

Why not I and others have won I think it could be a big incentive to have a non winner get a prize.

New Laptop or a Flir BCAM would be awesome prizes…

My vote is for the flir.

How about a free trip to Nachi 2008 convention-entrance,air and hotel or any of the above? Thats something no one has yet!

How about a “NACHI Makeover for Success”…

Website (improvement or development), business card (improvement or development), brochures (improvement or development), some new state-of-the-art tools, and a pass to some outstanding training by NACHI vendors?

Great idea! Nachi helping inspectors to succeed.

Flir camera with software and/or certification course, all expense paid trip to the 2008 convention with one on one marketing or “how to improve your business” training session

Flir Cam. Make it the ninth poster

All right, Alan- All of the above:) my favorite multiple choice answer.

I would say the Flir. But there should be a twist.

For 1 hour after the announcement, everyone that posts a single time with their name, membership number and GO NACHI written in the body gets a chance at the drawing. If you post more than once, your’e out. If you fail to post the required information or post more than the required information, your’e out.

At the end of 1 hour, the number of posts is noted and a single number between 1 and the final number is chosen using the random sequence generator at . The person with that post number, wins.

Howzabout an expense-paid 3-day pass to NACHI HQ and attendance at CO meetings to see the old crowd . . .

How about a NACHI tattoo, for everyone. Then we’re branded for life.

This may be a bit much but, how about more then one winner!

1 winner from each state, province & country. 51 USA, 13 Canada?, “X” other countries.


Set up several regions… that way there would not be 6 winners in FL and 4 in CO, etc.

A lot of winners not just one big winner.