Architectural shingles badly shot after 10 years -- manufacturing defect? warranty?

I inspected a house built in 2001 that had “30 year” architectural shingles that were badly worn, even to the point of noticeable cracking and pitting already, as clearly evident from the pics.

In my almost 7 years as an inspector, I’ve yet to see this type of shingles in this bad of shape, including roofs over 20 years old.

Are there any notorious bad lots of such shingles?

Might there be some sort of settlement or a possible warranty claim for my clients?

pic 366_78_1.jpg

pic 359_71_1.jpg

What’s under the shingles? What type of insulation is in attic or whatever space directly below the roof in your picture? Is there proper ventilation?

There are many reasons for premature roof failure. One is generally caused by lack of ventilation.

As an inspector we observe and describe condition of roof.

Going further, unless you have in your agreement with the client, advise they contact the manufacturer of roof shingle or get a certified roofing professional to review.

These are top quality shingles. Need the brand, manufactures name. IKO, BP Eclips - Harmony - Everest, Domtar shingles, Tweed?
I would be looking for deficiencies in the attic or roofing system myself.
Everyone looks for blame. Welcome to the HI world and the client. HA HA HA.
Any photos of the attic and roofing system.
IE: Soffits, venting (1 per 300 sqft ) Is the roof gabled? Baffles, ETC.
Do I see hail damage ? More pics please.
Domtar and DUROID BPCO . Tweed.
BPCO link below. Tweeed below hat.

any additional photos?
hard to tell from the angle taken but shingles appear to be Certainteed Shangle.
Typical cracking for their product at 10 years where defect is present.

Certainteed Horizons is what they look like to me

My advice: When shingles go bad these days, search the web for other complaints…it’s not usually the venting, etc…and never has been!!

The manufacturers have been using every excuse to run from their warranties…it’s usually the shingle quality…IT’S BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT BY RESEARCHERS IN JLC AND OTHER PLACES…BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO BELIEVE THEM… EVEN WHEN CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS ARE PAID BY THE MANUFACTURER’S!!!


Thanks for the info. Ventilation could not possibly be the issue, as the garage appeared to be very well ventilated. The house not so well, as its power vent was inoperative, though it had very good soffit venting and the attic was not particularly hot, given the conditions. But the shingles on the garage were no better, though it had a slightly lower pitch.

I have to agree with Brian based on my experience. I’ve seen much older regular 3-tab shingles on poorly ventilated roofs that were in much better condition, and have not noticed that much of an effect of poor ventilation and/or installation *on shingle wear. *

I did notice an unusually “cardboard-like” appearance in the pits that suggests an improper composition of the asphalt, though have not included such detail in my report, not wanting to over-speculate. I have to think manufacturing defect, no question in my mind.

Yes Frank that may very well be.
Again I state that I am in Montreal.Quebec and should look at the posters profile and see the area they are from.
Mr.MacNiesh is partly right though.
Following the manufactures installation instructions will give the result required in the product warentee.
Thats if no defect or deficiencies are in the product.

Those are not Certainteed shingles and they are not a laminated architectural. Look closer. I don’t know what they are, but you can see the resemblance of tabs and appears to be an architectural simulation but not laminated.

Here are the brands of certainteed that went to lawsuits for failure.

CertainTeed Limited Warranties on Organic Shingles (1987 - 2005)ShingleLength of Limited Warranty****Custom Lok 2525 Years (1993 - 2005)Custom Saf-T-Lok/ Saf-T-Lok20 Years (1987 - 1992)Custom Sealdon25 Years (1991 - 1994)Custom Sealdon 3030 Years (1995 - 2004)Hallmark Shangle30 Years (1987 - 2003)Hearthstead25 Years (1987 - 2005)Horizon Shangle25 Years (1987 - 1996)Independence Shangle30 Years (1987 - 1996)Master Slab20 Years (1987); 25 Years (1988 - 1995)Sealdon 2020 Years (1987 - 1994)Sealdon 2525 Years (1995 - 2005)Solid Slab20 Years (1987 - 1995); 25 Years (1996 - 1999)

Marcel, Gentlemans bet they are Certainteed Horizons?:p. I cant prove it from a picture but I sold tons of them and put them on one of my own. I really liked them on 5" offset they were a nice looking shingle for the $

I think I have them.
BP sagebrush. Fiberglass. If I am not mistaken there shingles do not like the heat. They are not high quality shingle.

hope the link works.

Robert he noted a cardboard like mat. Horizons did not have fiberglass mat.:stuck_out_tongue:

I am not disagreeing Curtis, just trying to match it up cause I am curious too!
Here is the link on the horizons.

Horizon Shingles with Cracking (17 Years)

Marcel I meant it as fun no offense intended. A little punchy after a very rough week:D.

No problem Curtis, but I think Joe might have posted the closest thing to the shingles posted in the thread above. Just a different color and they are not laminated. Sure looks like it.
What do you think.?:slight_smile:


A more detailed picture. This definitely does not look like a fiberglass-based shingle.

Anyone have any photos of worn or damaged fiberglass shingles.

Here are others…

CertainTeed Headquarters is in Valley Forge PA

I see more Horizon Roofing than some others.