Archictural shingle issues: cause?

6 year old roof. Note the spider-web crack…what would cause that?

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How was the venting?

Also, how seriously would your concern be about the lack of adhesion I found in many areas and the differences in exposure?

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6 year old house…good ventilation. Soffit vents, ridge vents and a thermostatically controlled fan.

Could be a bad batch of shingles? I’ve heard of that this is sometimes a cause of spider web cracks.

Not bad batches but cutting quality. I have been seeing this for years now. I’m telling people if they get 15-20 years out of their 25 and 30 year warranty shingles, be happy!

About 2002/3, IKO had a product statement about this available on the web for their Renaissance XL shingles. A couple of years ago, they re-named the shingle the GXL…I joked to a company rep at a home show “Does that G represent a GOODER XL?”…he wasn’t impressed.

Look like Certainteed

I have come across many roofs with this similar cracking and it is typically a manufacturer defect and it is often Certainteed shingles, usually in the 10-15 year range. This could be under the manufactures warranty, unless it was installed wrong.

At least in some of the photos it appears the shingles were improperly installed. The top of the slits in the tabls is showing…too much reveal. That area should be covered by the next course of shingles. The dark areas would normally not show. I recently called out a roof for this and it was determined that the shingles were in fact defective and installed wrong. The failure to seal is another indicator, especially after 6 yrs. Not to mention it looks like Fido’s behind as well.

In addition to what Doug states, also notice in the second picture of Joe’s 2nd post, that some of the shingles don’t line up at all. Not a good install at all.

I see a lot of cracking on newer Owens-Corning shingles. Had one a month ago that was 9 years old, so bad that insurance company would not insure it. I sent pictures to Kenton Shepard.

Have seen the cracking on newer roofs in the 5-9 year range.

The photos are of three tabs that are textured to look like arcs. They are all crap. All the ones I have seen get blisters or crack. I inquired with a friend who has done roofing a long time and he said thay are all garbage. they wear out prematurely…

There all crap, crap, crap… Tell them the roof won’t last as long as the warranty and watch them get a sad look on their faces…:p:p

I believe you are right, Sean. I missed that. Thanks.

As a former roofer, cracks can be caused by faulty shingles or, installing in low tmepratures, bending the shingles can cause cracks such as that, used to take the ridge and valley shingles that I knw woild have to be vent and put them in a warm place prior to installing…


Was cleaning up the office tonight and found the original IKO residential Information Bulletin for Renaissance XL shingles first issued in October 2001. Checked online and the new Bulletin for the GXL shingles is esentially the same with very minor changes…

So why all the class action suits if there are no problems (according to them)??

Good point Doug.
That is a defective shingle.
I have posted this several times. In Quebec IKO were sanctioned and left the province in 1981 or 82 for quality control issues.
Gas and oil prices up the tar and bitumen quality going down as they manufactures turn to china’s standards of production.
I even see the tar-mate on new highways and roads being of inferior quality.
Back to the roof at hand.
I see several issues that would not cause the shingle to alligator and crack like that after only 6 years of ware if that is the case that the roof is 6 years old.
It does look like a ten year shingle though.
1 not sealing
2 nails were not at 4 count per shingle
3 lapping and buts where over spaced spaced.
I would have loved to see the under-lament and all the roofing systems at play here.
Next time photos of vents and everything at play with the roofing system please.
Flashing, layment, caps( looking for multiple nails and over and( deep set or under set ), venting finishing, etc.
Just my view.

I just replaced my Tamko 40 yr. roof(lasted 11).

Jump in the Class Action Suit line. There are many forming now.