Are Draw Inspection Companies still in Business??

Anyone still working with Draw Inspection Companies??? We all know DDN went under… how about Granite, Trinity, etc.

Any companies out there still wanting us as Draw Inspectors? let me know… thx!

I still do them. The draw companies have diversified and provide assessment inspections, status inspections on homes that defaulted before completion of construction, property preservation of homes that defaulted etc. Contact them and ask about these inspections. Some pay more than draws. I had one home that I did over $5000 worth of preservation work. They request bids for work. I bid high and still get the work.:wink:

Granite, based here next to InterNACHI, and which offers their inspections to InterNACHI members first, is still going strong.

I am doing them for NLI (Nationwide Loan Inspections) Received 3 in the last week.

I will check them out… Granite and Nationwide. Thanks Guys!

I average 30 per month with NLI. Granite not busy in my area but I am signed up with them. Trinity gave me 2 drive by’s 2 months ago. I just started with them so they are trying to get me in the que. Do inspections with two local banks. NLI is a very good company. They do direct deposit and the check is in the bank by the 10th of the next month.