Digital Draw Network?

Good Morning,

I had a call on my answer machine this morning from a company called Digital Draw Network ( out of Midvale, UT. They are looking for inspectors for draws on new home inspections.

Has anyone heard of, or worked with company? Are they good, bad, or ugly?

Any help would be appreciated.


I like them. They’re decent, the work is easy, and if you are in an area where there is lots of construction then you could pick up alot of work.

Pay isn’t alot, but it actually adds up once you’ve gone back to the same place a few times. Subtract for gas and you should end up with $2-300 per house once it’s all complete as long as it’s not too far away.


check out the archives. lots of good info regarding draw inspections.

i do inspections for ddn, amongst others, and found that they are fairly decent to work with. they pay out about three weeks are inspection is complete.

but again, check out the archives for a ton more info on draw inspections, what’s required, what companines offer them, and much much more.


I do some work for them… here and there… no complaints. Easy forms online… better than most.