Are the H/C reversed?

took the pic from the side and should have taken it from the front.
Is handle forward supposed to be hot since it would be on left side and handle pushed away the cold side? No h/c designation of any kind on this Moen.

pic did not load

I have found them both ways and asked a couple of plumbers this question. I get different answers. I don’t call them up either way as they are not marked. I think when you pull it towards you it should be hot as that would be left if facing the lever.

Good question, so I had a look at mine.

This faucet manufacturer indicates forward should be hot at the tub but the opposite at the sink…

I guess it doesn’t matter.

My Price Phister back is hot forward is cold

According to Moen, forward is cold.

Their faucets are manufactured with a label on the hot water line for identification.

I have always found them as hot is back and you cool the water as you pull the handle toward you.

I agree with the other posts, cold is towards you and hot is to the back.