Are these exposed tendons?

I see these exposed all the time and I’m thinking it’s okay. Aren’t the tendons in the middle of these two exposed metal? What are these exposed metals in the slab? Should they be protected?

Thanks in advance.

rust spots are the sheared form nails that held the tendon anchors or pocket formers
looks like a grease cap on the piss poor parged tendon
parge coat application won’t hurt a thing

Haha…piss poor.

Thanks for the response!

So only recommend cleaning and patching over with concrete, if the cables in the middle are exposed or rebar is exposed?

all metal that is rusted should be cleaned and completely patched over
shoot me an email if you want a manual for pt-slabs

Structurer: Poured concrete slab on grade:
Suspect: 1 exposed post tension tendon pocket end, exposed corroder rebar steel and corroded form fastener heads.
No adverse conditions observed the day of the inspection.