Are these message board numbers accurate?

I usually check the Message Board once a day, and I start by clicking on New Posts. Since the new Message Board started in January, it seems like there are around 75 new posts a day. Sometimes more, occasionally less. Now all of a sudden I’m getting 300 to 350 new posts, even when I check twice a day. Is this really true? What’s going on? Or maybe my web browser is acting up?

I honestly won’t be able to even come close to keeping up with numbers like that. I do have real work to do, you know. If those numbers are accurate, then some people are probably very happy about it. But for me it just means I won’t be reading the Message Board as much, since there is too much to follow. I realize this is a weird complaint, but is there such a thing as too much?? :shock:

I do the same thing as you. I would say there is a problem…

Perhaps Evelyn Wood could help, or put some of us on your ignore list.:wink:

Strange indeed. Why would anyone feel obligated to read every post on a message board?

There are many sections of this board that I don’t even bother with. I could care less about the “SPAM” section(s) and I haven’t visited the “CANADIAN” section since this new board was developed (no offence to my Northern friends).

There is so much water on this earth that I can’t drink it all. Rather than to stop drinking the water, I will only drink what I need :wink:

I agree something happened in the last day or so. I have reread multiple posts today that I know I read before even though they are marked as not having been read yet. Just go to the Quick Links and select “Mark Forums Read” to start over and all should be fine.

New posts are not coming up on the New Post feature shortly after posting.

When I try to post something nothing happens. I have to use the “Go Advanced” button.

Ditto when I edit something, I have to use the “Go Advanced” button.

My smileys never come out properly, they show in the posts as as html code.

Thats what I have found.

New Posts are coming up as soon as they are posted. However, if you post it is not new to you but it will show up on Todays posts.:slight_smile:

Jeffrey, You’re right, I don’t feel obligated to read every post. I just scan down the subjects to see if anything jumps out at me. But with over 300 to scan, I don’t even do that now. From what others are posting here, I wonder if there is a problem with the board software??

The posts below this new section:"The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts." are what seems to have changed and made the longer new posts.

I was just wondering if a Hacker butted in again…:shock:

It’s screwed up on my end.

No offense is taken.If you decide to take a peak I promise we will make you an honorary Canadian on this message board!!

Sometime Friday or Saturday, something changed. I always log off so it clears the cache. Then when I log back in and hit new posts, it only has the messages that have been posted since I logged off.

Now, almost everything shows up as a new post. Instead of 10 or 15, I have 325 new posts. I also tried to open a few messages on I think Friday and the “server was busy”. That lasted about 15 minutes. Since then, I have had the problem noted above.

Something is wrong.:mad:


And when I look at a post it disappears instead of being shaded…odd.

There are posts from 3 weeks ago showing as new.

Good to hear that others have had problems with the board since the day it went into service

Somehow we have gone back in time with some things with this new soft ware

Now since Cris does not read the BB perhaps someone should send him a PM

Or maybe send one to Nick and he will forward –

In short – We have some big problems


Gotta agree, used to be able to go back to something I read on the “new posts” after I clicked out of it, now if i accidently click out of a new post its gone. So its not just me.:ouch:

Have you been talking with my psychiatrist, Dr Vicodin, or my psychologist, Dr Percocet?

I subscribe to the update notification for all forums. They arrive in my email each night at 9:00 Pacific Time. Then I simply look at the thread titles and decided whether or not I want to read the new threads in the Forum. I already subscribe to email notification of old threads that I was interested in, so I don’t have to look at the updated threads.

It’s a very nice system.

I’ve had that problem since around 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2006, which, coincidentally, was when the new Message Board came online.