Ariston point of use water heater age?

Not found at, Web search reveals they are located in Italy, sent them an email but don’t expect an answer until well after this report is due. Anyone have insight on the the age code for these? Home Depot lists it as a 6 year water heater. Thanks for any help.

Ariston is a product of the Ariston Thermo Group, an Italian company. I believe most of their products in the United States are manufactured by GE, Hotpoint, and Bosch. So when I look at that serial number I see serial numbers by GE, Hotpoint, & Bosch all mashed together.

The first 9 digits look to be a Bosch serial number. The 3 would stand for 1993, 2003, 2013. The 60 normally is a month code, but 60 is not one of their month codes. Quite often when that happens it simply means that one company (Bosch) manufactured it for another company (Ariston).

The last 11 digits look to be month-year-consecutive unit number, so a guess there would be December 2013. Normally this would be a 10-digit number. I think an extra 0 was added to the beginning of the consecutive unit number to indicate that some other manufacturer built the unit.

So my best guess would be that Bosch manufactured this unit for Ariston in 2013, probably December 2013.

The fact that Ariston Model GL 4 still is sold at Home Depot might seem to indicate that, especially for a tankless water heater, it might not be that old. So I’m going with December 2013.

Thanks Russel.

I needed the age of an Ariston water heater today and found this helpful paragraph.

Ariston has a rather long and complicated serial number system. Here’s how it works:

The first seven digits are the product number.
The next two digits are the product manufacture code.
The next two digits are the year of manufacture.
The following three digits are the day of the year manufactured.
And the final eight digits are the sequence number.

Here’s an example. Backslash marks and an underline added for clarity, but they are not in an actual serial number.


So, the short version of all this is that the 10th and 11th digits of the serial number are the year of manufacture.


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