Arizona ASHI President Proves Licensing Solves Nothing

Once more, ASHI in Arizona uses the media to try to try to educate the public that a license does nothing to guarantee a good home inspection.

My part-time helper Inspector, Dylan Bucknavich did the best according to channel 15 news, which will be aired tonight at 10:00 pm.

The station contacted Dylan asking for his permission to air the story in which he agreed wholeheartedly before even knowing the outcome of the investigation.

Well done Dylan.

Good work Dylan and Dale !
Good Professional response in a less than good situation by Arizona Inspection.

…this does reinforce a recurring nightmare I keep having though !

Nice response & job Dylan.

Wow, this can be overlooked pretty easily???

The items listed are basic items to check. It sounds more like they need to change the way they inspect. There is a chance they didn’t spend enough time to recognize or question some of these issues. So there is a chance that it’s the technique not the knowledge that resulted in them not reporting these items.

The other thing that makes me wonder is if Brogen would have found as much as he did if he was one of the three that didn’t know he was going to be evaluated. I would think the other three would have found more if they knew why they were there.

I did find it amusing that a part time home inspector that likely has less field experience doing home inspections then the other home inspectors did the overall best.

I wonder how many of the things reported were acceptable practices when the home was built. For example, in my area the thing on the outside hose bibb (I think its called an “Anti-siphon” piece) is almost never seen. Most of our guys would not talk about something like this ESPECIALLY if the house was over 6-7 years old.

Kevin…Dylan is not a Part-Time Home Inspector, he works for me Part Time when I’m over-booked…generally every week, but part-time…he has his own company as well, and is a very good inspector…oh, and the gig about exposed Romex in the Cabinet ABOVE the Microwave is not even an electrical code violation here in the City of Chandler, let alone an item which NEEDS to be reported according to the X-Pert-----:stuck_out_tongue:

But it would be a good idea to report it as a possible concern regarding possible physical damage I guess.

The rafter Simpson ties could be an easy miss, but certainly not the end of the world, overall I certainly think Dylan did a very good job.

Around here, a high loop for a dishwasher is not enforced by city inspectors and many manufacturers only recommend having them installed. Is it required in the City of Chandler?


Good Job Dylan.
The rewards by hanging out with ASHI inspectors can be rewarding :slight_smile:

Busshy… How does this prove licensing solves nothing?
With out state lic. the Fountian Hills customer would not have any one to file a complaint with, and that inspector will still be providing inspections that do not meet the states requirements.
This is just another example that licensing as minmum as the basic requirements are, at least the consummer has some recourse by having a place to file a complaint at no charge] if that minmun is not met.

Cross Contamination of potable water IS a big deal. People put garden hoses into all sorts or weird stuff with no regard what so ever for their own health or safety.

You may find what you are looking for here Dan. :wink:

This is a three year Arizona event.

ASHI gets the media to set up a sting and film inspectors making mistakes. They find a horror story to accompany it about some poor schmuck who made a bad purchase, add to it how EVEN WITH LICENSING IN EFFECT the consumer is not assured of getting a quality inspection.

The sting always has an ASHI inspector (Neil Broegen, I understand, is president of the chapter although he does not show up anywhere as an ASHI member…perhaps he is in arrears with his dues) reviewing the inspections of the “victims” targeted by the sting.

Congratulations are in order to Dylan for coming through unscathed…but he, and others, should be wary and not forget the fact that they were targeted because someone thought they could film them in a “gotcha”.

Not fond of the ASHI using scare tactics to market their members.

It is comming on the news now.

Not fond of ASHI disparaging home inspectors…members or not.

Aggreed James.

US Inspect and All Pro are Franchises and did not do as well as Dylan the Independent. “Franchises solve nothing”

As for the so called exposed electrical wire above the microwave, it was the appliance cord which is perfectly acceptable.

Knucklehead hidden camera inspector. :smiley:

This takes me back to another thread…but there has to be a better way of marketing than this. For me to show that “everybody but me” is a danger to the consumer damages the entire industry.

No one should be proud of what they did in setting up those inspectors. They hurt all of us.

In fact, the President of the ASHI Chapter who assisted the media (my bet is that he approached them, not vice versa) in setting up other home inspectors directly violated Article 3 of the ASHI code of ethics which states “**Inspectors shall avoid activities that may harm the public, discredit themselves, or reduce public confidence in the profession.”


Hmmm…I think you’re exactly Correct Jim…!!!

Depends if there is an air gap at the top of the sink, and whether or not the NEW dishwasher has an back-flow preventer installed, I have inspected numerous New Homes in Chandler (back in the old days when they were building homes)—AHJ did not require a High Loop, it was installed according to the manufacturers installation instructions, without a High Loop.