Armstron Heat Pump Age/Size


I had a few cheat sheets for finding the age of Heat Pumps until my laptop crashed about 6 months ago and I wasn’t able to retrieve them. Not even sure if this particular model was even in my information. Anyhow, I’m trying to determine the Age and Size of the Heat Pump with the information below:

Armstrong, Model No. 2SHP13LE136P-1, Serial No. 1606K18878

Any help would be certainly appreciated.



I get October 2006

Thanks for the link Jeff. Would you have any information on the breakdown of the model number? I’m guessing 3 tons by the number 36 in the model number, but would like to see some information on it. Thanks, Steve

No I don’t, sorry.

3 ton

NO the size of the unit, not how big you are!!!

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Thanks for all the info on the Heat Pump unit. I went on Armstrong’s website and requested some additional information and got it today. If anyone can use this information, let me know and I’ll e-mail it.