Arrow Panel

Need help identifying these panels. The panel on the exterior had a 60 amp main and cover was the panel manufacturer appears to be Arrow. I havent seen this type of panel before but thought it kind a look like a Zinsco.
Anybody ever hear of a panel manufactured by Arrow
Any help would be appreciated.

060815-01 046.jpg

060815-01 049.jpg

060815-01 047.jpg

James that is not a Zinsco panel (maybe a Bryant) but does not have the bus bar problems you are thinking of.



Arrow-Hart Murray…same panels

Looks like Bryant panels to me. The color coded breakers are consistent with their product.

Any known defects on Arrow-Hart Murray panels. I am recommended 100 amp min. upgrade and poor connections in the subpanel. Just never seen one of these panels in the past and was concerned it may be a problematic one.

Thanks for everyones replies.