Comments on Panel

Arrow Hart division of Murray panel rated at 150 Amps. Two strands on bottom feed to 60 amp breaker were observed to be cut. How best to report? Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Jarrell Inspection 029 (Small).jpg

Jarrell Inspection 030 (Small).jpg

Not only were the cables trimmed to fit the connectors but that is one helluva bend they put in them too. First off trimming cable to fit is just plain wrong. Any reduction in the intended size of the cable reduces the ability of the conductor to effectively perform the way it was intended, can overheat, arcing, and the extreme bends further exacerbates the problem.

That’s a split bus Hank (if you didn’t know).

Many times you’ll see the coductors cut or trimmed to fit into a breaker (which is wrong), but in this case, I think it would best be described as a “damaged” conductor.

I see Doug beat me to the punch :wink:

Two strong life lines you guys are. Thanks for the great comments. I did notice it was a split bus.