As Predicted All MLSs Will Include Home Energy Scores Provided by Home Inspectors

As predicted, all real estate MLSs will include Home Energy Scores provided by InterNACHI home inspectors.

To provide Home Energy Scores with every home inspection, become an InterNACHI Home Energy Score Assessor.

I can’t imagine a real estate agent or buyer hiring an inspector who can’t offer the score thus InterNACHI membership is basically going to be required for all home inspectors.

I still haven’t been able to find someone to work with. I have past the test and will soon have to retake it because I haven’t done one in the time allowed. John

Come on guys.

NACHI is not listed. :frowning:


Rodney Dangerfield I suppose

I don’t see where this says ALL homes, or ALL MLS’s will Include Home Energy Scores Provided by Home Inspectors.

It just says they’re extending the “voluntary program” from only new to existing homes.

Also you do not have to be a home inspector to be a Home Energy Score Assessor


Oh you noticed that did you;-)

And Nachi is not the only game in town despite what may have been implied.

For every home buyer, there is a home seller. Why would a listing agent want to get involved? Maybe for newer homes, but any home that is pre- 1980’s with limited insulation and massive air leaks could be price / appraisal affected by a negative report.

The listing agents are going to start adding the home scores because the buyers are going to start asking for it. Now that the home scores will start showing up on, Windermere, Trulio and other sites, you will start to see this explode.

There’s a ton that happened at meetings with the DOE, NAR and the MLS organizations in the last 2 months. Stay tuned for some more details coming out :smiley:

The field is being added to all MLS listings.

Also home cost more without it (borrowing costs):

Michael Larson writes:

Wrong. InterNACHI is the sole provider of the scoring software (which interfaces with the DOE lab to generate the report) and you have to be an InterNACHI member to access it. If you don’t believe me, try hiring an ASHI member who isn’t an InterNACHI member to do a Home Energy Score. He can, but he’d have to join InterNACHI first.

Nice benefit for members.

Michelle is on it, and will be in contact with you shortly, John.

Ahead of the curve as usual.

Now if I can find any Chicago residences with insulation will get to practice .:slight_smile:
Hipsters love exposed brick.

Hey John, I’m sending you an email now! Thanks for your patience!

The goal is to have all MLSs populated by Home Energy Scores. The major MLSs that we know have an open field to enter a home energy efficiency value.

The Home Energy Score program is currently a national program for all U.S. homes.

Correct. But there are required minimum credentials though, and to become a Home Energy Score Assessor through InterNACHI is free to members.

In comparison with other partners, InterNACHI’s program is the best for several reasons, including that the training and certification through InterNACHI is free.

Great but doesn’t Nick imply something else?

Isn’t there a 5% rescore rate required for all homes an individual assessor scores?

How will this be handled?