As the business gets attacked again.

No problem.
That’s all the fun I need.
Message board is all yours.
When my business email is being hijacked by an American becuse he can not control him self, it all yours girls.

I swore an oath to personal privacy and never said a word about others.
I have keep secrets to send many into the frying pan.
Kept my mouth shut off the Message Board.
Defended many that I openly dispute on the MB…
Man you Americans have some control issues to get your heads around.

Just have your email program throw this sender’s emails into the junk folder. It is not worth getting bothered by it.

Robert, do you forget about two months ago when my email was hacked and you were going to report me to Nick because you received SPAM from me?

Did you try telling the guy that maybe he was hacked? In 20 mins. (That was how long it took for someone to tell me.), 400+ contacts were spammed from my name. Tell the guy to change his password to stop the SPAM and move on.:roll:…or, if your email was hacked, change your password and move on.

Try GMail, it has great spam blockers.