A person need to know where to send vermiculite samples to get tested for Asbestos . Any Thoughts In southern Ontario . Thanks RC

If they don’t do just samples, I am sure they could point you in a direction of a lab.

Thanks Jason . Glad for the help RC


Thanks Ray this gives the person some to check with . RC

Sampling Vermiculite Attic Insulation If the vermiculite insulation in your attic is not being disturbed and your attic is not used for living space or storage, it is normally recommended to leave it in this state.Clear guidance on this is available in the U.S. EPA document “Current Best Practices for Vermiculite Attic Insulation”, available at More information can be obtained at Health Canada’s website at In certain instances however, homeowners may have justified concerns. These concerns would include:the use of the attic for living space or frequently entered storage homes where dust is sifting out of the attic or walls through seams, ducts or penetrations if the insulation will be affected by a home renovation or alteration In these cases testing and expert advice is warranted.If you decide to have the suspect material analysed (since not all vermiculite contains asbestos) the following outlines the recommended procedure.Concise sampling instructions can also be found on our automated phone system at 905-363-0678 ext 3022. Vermiculite Insulation Sampling ProcedureCollect two cups full of product taken from the bottom half of the insulation in the attic or from the bottom of the wall cavity (the asbestos tends to settle to the bottom). Avoid creating and breathing any more dust than necessary during this collection and do not remain in the area longer than necessary. The U.S. EPA and Health Canada recommend that you use a respirator to reduce the dust you breathe during this collection. You can purchase a NIOSH approved half-face P100 respirator from most hardware stores or safety houses. Follow the instructions with the respirator regarding fitting and maintenance. This respirator should not be used for major disturbance of vermiculite which would be encountered during renovations in the attic or for removal of the material. Try to avoid tracking the insulation or dust into the living space of the house. Place the sample in a zip lock freezer bag and provide the following information on the bag or fastened to the bag:name address phone number (Fax or email address if you wish to receive the result in this manner). Have samples brought, mailed or couriered with payment to: Pinchin Environmental Ltd.Attention: Karen Slayer2470 Milltower CourtMississauga, Ontario L5N 7W5Phone: 905-363-1385Fax: 905-363-0681 Email: vermiculite@pinchin.comPricing:The cost for regular analysis (5 day) is $200. (plus GST) for a total of $212.00. The cost for rush analysis (24 hr) is $300. (plus GST) for a total of $318.00. These can be paid by credit card (Visa & MasterCard are accepted) or cash. Please include this with the sample when submitted (include expiry date and full name on the card if paying by credit card).