Vermiculite insulation testing

I am on the West Coast and am looking for a lab that will test for asbestos in vermiculite insulation. Perferably in Vancover.


You will need to test samples from several locations within the attic or walls and even if the results come back negative you still can’t be 100% sure there aren’t areas with asbestos right beside the areas you sampled.

Why waste your money? There is no research that I know of that indicates it’s a health problem.

Thanx Norm,
They don’t do asbestos but I found a lab called Norwest thar does. $ 50.00 per sample 3 day turnaround. If there is anyone else please let me know.

It’s not the vermiculite, it’s the potential of asbestos in the vermiculite that is the problem.

I know that. Where is the proof its a health hazard? Even CMHC is of the opinion it should be left in place, as are other credible sources, fwiw.

The point is people want to know. I already know that health canada recommends that you just put a layer of insulation over top and not use your attic as a storage area. Even the realtors want to know.

What part of ASBESTOS dont you understand. It is proven to cause some forms of cancer when it becomes airborn. Do you not write up when you see asbestos wrap on the furnace ducting.


Then just do the test. Make sure you protect yourself in attic. And have you thought about pro-lab for testing?

The sample is only indicative of the area sampled. It is not a verification of all areas.

That is why I Defer, Refer and Not Perform this type of work.


The point is if attic is not used for storage,it is a sealed area of the house.


Please post the number of known Cancers caused by exposure to Asbestos in the Home / Residential environment (absent of contributing Industrial / Petrochemical Environments).

I am curious as to what you may have to contribute…


Here is some more info on the subject. I hope you didn’t scare your clients!


Here is some more info on this subject.

What about the holes for wires, lights kitchen exhaust fans,washroom fans,etc.:roll:

That would not be very likely due to the chimney effect. Air is pulled up through the house not down through the house.

So you are saying the the living area would never get any air from the attic, what would happen with reall strong winds blowing air into the soffit vent and the kitchen fan only goes into the attic area and the dust in the attic is being moved by the air coming into it, :roll:

Well good question.

Exhaust fans should not vent directly into attics, if they are they should be repaired so as to exhaust outside.

If the fan exhaust is ducted correctly how would wind blow back down. Air in the house is sucked out through the roof.

Just as air is pulled up through the baseboards, electrical boxes (wall/ceiling), plumbing stacks?

Well for the most part, the homes that do have vermiculite in the attic’s are also of the age that they did not vent the fans outside the attic, washroom fans have been installed and no venting at all, same as kitchen’s, also no roof vents to let out the attic air out through the roof, I have seen a good number of homes with vermiculite in them and for most of them they have not been upgraded to extending the air vents with insultated flex pipe or any piping! So to do the repairs they have to go into the attic area with all of the vermiculite, NOT a good idea. Then you must hope that no one in the last 40 years or so has done any remodeling of the ceilings, inculding ceiling fans, drywalling, damage from a leak in the roof, etc. Do you see what I mean yet?