ASHI Busy in Washington State

According to the ASHI Reporter:

Busshy they are busy all over the country, millions of people read about ASHI in several magazines and papers every day, only difference is, ASHI leadership, is not amassed that the info got out, and doesn’t brag , [on a BB in an attempt to get more members] about it every time the info is released.

Guess another reason would be, ASHI would have hire 2 or 3 full time employees, to just keep track of/ verify all the free PR ASHI members get every day of the month,:wink:

Perhaps ASHI could provide better assistance to the profession instead of preparing news reports highlighting the “bad inspector” just to create a licensing board for their directors to sit on.

Much of the negative press regarding home inspectors is originated by ASHI as they fabricate the need for their licensing bills.

Like ASHI itself, it’s all bunk.

That was an OLD article. Dated from November 2006. And yes, it does look like the legislation is going to pass with very very little opposition.

SB 6606 has passed the Senate, sent on to the House where the Commerce & Labor Committe has passed and sent on to Appropriations Committee where it most likely will fly through to a yes vote by the House.

Oh well.

Gosh busshy, I recieved some interesting info on Wash lic,
Are you aware of this disturbing info. :shock: :shock:

The licensing law in Washington State was put together by a coalition that included iNACHI representatives and that last Tuesday evening it was Troy Walton, the new iNACHI legislative liaison to the WHILAG, Washington Home Inspectors Legislative Advisory Group, that went before the state Labor and Commerce committee and fully endorsed the SB 6606, the proposed law presently in the house, as well as the work of the WHILAG.

By the way, WHILAG, ASHI, NAHI, AII,and iNACHI will have nothing to do with the selection process for the state board. IF the bill passes and is signed into law… that will all be done by the Director of the Department of Licensing. Also, the bill restricts the number of representatives from any single home inspection organization to only one each, so PussFarts assertion that the board will be dominated by ASHI folks who pushed for the law just shows that he’s got his head tucked up his a–

So who the heck annointed Troy Walton as the NACHI representative? I sure didn’t see any call from NACHI to fill the position? It is just another person that favors legislation that the group allowed to join.

WHILAG was and is heavily weighted towards ASHI. They hid memberships as “independant” or just did not list them as ASHI members even though they are.

What really gets me is the WIN Home Inspection franchise that favors legislation (ASHI members) and states they have this wonderful training program for their franchisees and they are all highly qualified…

YET…the failed and well publicized on TV and newspapers home inspection, that cost the owners tens of thousands of dollars and put this legislation on the front burner with Senator Spanel, was performed by a WIN inspector. Must be some good training…:shock:


I dunno:roll: :roll:
Just another example that busshy, and his anti licensing pals are full of it again, when they claim it’s just ashi behind state licensing, or the standard BS line that ashi members are out to put nacho members out of business…

“As The Licensing World Turns”

What a coincidence as I just commented on one of Mr Luczyks posts.
Seems he feels people only want a ASHI Inspector.
Well you guys know I never let the BS go unanswered.

This one is getting pretty good:D :smiley: :smiley:
All the time I’ve been involved with ASHI, it was ASHI members that stood up for what they believed, never have I heard that ASHI, leadership that was elected by the members go out and say here’s what to do, after reading this, all I can say thank goodness I belong to and org where the members can speck for themselves, and vote accordingly.
Guess when you belong to a dictator run org, if your appointed it’s your obligiation to step up when told to do so by the dictator:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted:

The rule when the group was founded was to allow representation from every one of the major home inspection associations. The call went out to each of the NACHI chapters to each send a couple of reps. Initially, they showed up with six people, but over time they dwindled off as they apparently lost interest in participating in a long drawn out discussion, debating, voting process where everyone was given
equal weight regardless of whether they were with an association or were an independent. By the 2nd or 3rd meeting, Jerry D. was claiming to be the official NACHI state representative designated by ole nickey When Jerry D. quit several months ago, nobody else bothered fill the position and it sat vacant. Finally, good ole Troy stepped up and ole Nickey “annointed” him. However, the group that’s left does reserve the right to refuse to accept anyone, annointed or not, whom they feels can’t be objective and will favor one group over the welfare of all home inspectors in the state. Over the past couple of years, they’ve** rejected** nearly half a dozen inspectors from** ASHI**who were nominated to replace those who were leaving. They’ve only rejected one iNACHI member - Wendy - because at the time she was nominated by a leaving NACHI person, she hadn’t even done a single home inspection - ever.

Hmmm, wonder how many of your $sss from nacho members dues went to Wash state licensing :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

HELLO …And ASHI is out to control the States licensing ???:roll: :roll:
Sure doesn’t look like ASHI spent any of their members $s there.

Bussy… Better get all your constopo members together, and get this corrected, before the corruption gets out of hand on this one.

Is MO next??? Never know, looking like it’s time for ole nickey to go before its toooooo late :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The original legislation had ASHI in it. I sent every legislator (by U.S. mail) in Washington an ACTUAL ASHI application showing each legislator that ASHI has no entrance requirements whatsoever and so meets the text book definition of a diploma mill.

ASHI was removed from the Bill.

And after they took your quiz, and got their certification certificate, is that when they decided that WA state needs State licensing.:roll: :roll:

Dan on the serious side I would like to keep an open mind.
Where is a link for the ASHI entrance exam so I can find out if I qualify to join up?
I would like to compare and see whom is tougher to join.

Like many other professional organizations ,Same as ICC , No test needed to join…
If you want to marketed to the public as an ASHI Certified Home Inspector to the public by ASHI
you need to pass the NHIE, provide proof of completing 250 inspections, and summit 5 inspection reports for review.

I do believe there are sample tests that you can take to test your HI knowledge, on the ASHI site…

Washington legislators dumped ASHI because of ASHI’s entrance quiz. ASHI only has one online entrance quiz. I was able to obtain the actual questions on their entrance quiz from this site:

The questions consist of fill in the blank stuff like “what’s your name?”, “what is the expiration date on your credit card number”, etc…

It has a 99.9% pass rate (one dog named Rover didn’t pass because he didn’t have a credit card).

I used the same tactic in Georgia last month. I personally mailed every legislator a copy of ASHI’s little patty-cake quiz. Not a single legislator opposed our request to remove ASHI from the legislation.

Bye bye ASHI from Washington and Georgia.

I also send their “shazam” application to thousands of REALTORs asking them to check before recommending any inspector to make sure the inspector didn’t get into the business by way of diploma mill.

ASHI members think they are slow because of the bad real estate market and so are waiting for the market to bounce back. Little do they know… their own online “shazam” quiz is killing them. Killing them legislatively, killing them with REALTORs, killing them with consumers (all with a little help from me of course :cool: ). Want to wreck your inspection business? Display the ASHI logo… the inspection industry’s symbol of illegitimacy. My goal is to make sure everyone checks for that logo BEFORE recommending or hiring an inspector… and I’m succeeding. makes it easy.

Pass it on.

No-entrance-requirement diploma mills must go the way of preferred vendor, purchased-praise schemes… and die.

The legislators in Washington and Georgia did right by dumping ASHI.

Quess you haven’t tried very hard in AZ…:mrgreen: Last time I checked the BTR site a few weeks ago, for every ASHI member that went out of business, there are 4 NACHO members.

Last time I checked, InterNACHI had more licensed inspectors in Arizona than all other inspection associations, including the known no-entrance-requirement diploma mills combined.

Wonder why?

Anyway, fight the good fight and alert every consumer, legislator, and REALTOR you know about how illegitimate inspectors are born with “give us your money and Shazam!, you’re an inspector” online quizzes.

Nick ,Somebodys fibbing to me…This person you would crap your pants if you knew who it is :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
is telling me that ASHI folks were against licensing, your telling me ASHI was all over the Wash. licensing. How can that be if ASHI was against licensing:roll: :roll: :roll:

WHILAG grew out of a meeting that ASHI had in a downtown hotel
in December of 2005. ASHI WW was holding it’s end of year meeting and a group broke off from the meeting to discuss some weak and poorly thought out legislation that Jerry D. tried to get initiated with Rep. Erickson The ASHI folks who were assembled were heavily against the idea of licensing, but they’d heard that Sen. Spanel was working on another piece of legislation. Talk came around to forming their own group to put together their own legislation. That’s when Mike O’Handley, an independent and the Editor of TIJ, who’d been invited to attend the meeting, spoke up and told them that any group that they formed in he state to discuss whether there should or should not be licensing, must include representatives from all of the various entities with representatives in Washington State, including independents, or it was going to fail. O’Handley told them that in other states where one or two orgs tried to formulate legislation that excluded other orgs and independents the legislation had failed miserably.
That’s when the ASHI President, Joe Corsetto, who was in Seattle for the training seminar, spoke up and said that he agreed with O’Handley. He pointed out that he was from New Jersey and explained how an attempt at a partisan law in his state had made enemies of a lot of home inspectors. He said that any attempt to deal with legislation should be a joint effort and that all other entities should be invited. Dave Byers, a NAHI guy, was also at the meeting, and Byers agreed with Corsetto and O’Handley that everyone, NACHI included, had to be invited to the table.
Jerry D. was invited to that first meeting because of his abortive attempt at getting Rep. Erickson to sponsor a (very screwed up) licensing bill - it was only after he attended a couple of meetings that he received the official mantle through Nick.

More than 37 people showed up for that first meeting and only 6 of them were ASHI members. Not exactly ASHI dominated, was it?

Here is my thread from 2 years ago Dan:

This was the first time where I tried the tactic of sending every legislator the ASHI diploma mill application. It worked. ASHI was removed from Washington.

I used it in other states as well, most recently Georgia. It worked there too. ASHI has been removed from Georgia.

I’ve been emailing to thousands of real estate agents too. And it’s working. Agents and consumers are checking the site to make sure their inspector didn’t become one through an illegitimate, “just send money” online quiz like ASHI’s:

Diploma mills maim and kill. Alert consumers to illegitmate associations that have no entrance requirements and the so-called inspectors who display their logos. Save a life.

Here is the list of people that were members of the WHILAG committee on November 23, 2006. It is the latest list I have seen and was part of a letter that was issued.

NAHI Members

Walker Armstrong, Olympia
Dave Byers, Seattle
Joe DeMarco, Seattle
Arne Williams, Seattle
Rick Bunzel, Anacortes

NACHI Members

Jerry Domagala, Bellingham ( no longer on committee)
Cyndy Patzman, Bellingham
Arthur Sodano, Sumner (moved out of state)

ASHI Members

Roger Craddock, Bellingham
Gary Fuller, Spokane
Hugh Kelson, Seattle
Paul Luczyk, Mukilteo
Joanne MacKintosh, Woodinville

ASHI members added since the letter…

Pat Knight, Seattle

And let’s not forget those independants…….or are they?

Sandy Hartman (Advisory Group Secretary) But of course husband is ASHI member in their family business.

Bruce MacKintosh, husband of Joanne listed above AND former ASHI NW Chapter President

Michael O’Handley, Independent……yeah right.

Richard Moore, Seattle
Mark Daughtry, Redmond
Dave Pioli, Bothel
Duane Roundy, Kent