Ashi & Nahi Inspector's What...

do you charge to inspect multi-units? and do you charge by the whole building or the unit? Thanks, Ken


Please provide a specific example to get more response.


3 bedroom multis…studio multis…office condo multis…old multis…new multis…

In St. Louis, NAHI and ASHI inspectors are closely linked with real estate salesmen who dictate to them their prices…most everything for under $300.

I thought it would be simpler to just ask per unit, but o.k. a 4 unit building?

That isn’t helpful…

How many square ft per unit?
Ground floor units or crawls/basements?
Commerical or resi?

The more info you give us…the more info and advice and such we can give you…

Why are you being so vague?

There are many helpful people here are willing to assist. Please describe an example.
However, I will do it for $5000 plus travel and expenses.:wink:

I don’t have any to inspect, I’m just rying to get an idea of what to charge, why is that so confusing?

Kenneth, there are a lot of variables on the pricing. To be honest you are asking about the same as asking, what do you charge for a 3 br Single Family, without providing sf, and other specifics. There are a lot of different things that go into pricing an inspection, it is not one size one price in most cases.

Because you are not providing any details.
Every building is different and if you don’t want to provide an example …well that’s your choice.

It’s like asking “How much for a car?”…Do you want a Rolls or a Ford Escort?

I know, I know, you want a Rols at a Ford price :smiley: …but you get the need for specifics. :wink:

It’s like asking “How much for a car?”…Do you want a Rolls or a Ford Escort?

I know, I know, you want a Rolls at a Ford price :smiley: …but you get the need for specifics. :wink:

Why not call to survey your competition so you have a better idea of the going rate in your area?

Why limit your question to the ASHI and NAHI guys? Are you looking for the cheapest rates?

I charge a base fee of 350.00 + 50.00 per unit (4 plex=550.00) I have no add ons for sq.ft. or crawls or out of town with in my county.

We have many quads here that are 1600-2000 sq. ft. per unit. I might do it for $1000-1200 depending on age and how many shared systems there are.

The full quad would have an asking price in excess of $1 million.

Thanks Mike, That helps a lot. Sincerely, Ken

Thank you Michael. Ken

I used to charge $199 per building and $149 per unit. However, I’ve been doing so many WALK inspections that I decided to turn down a 14-unit complex of 3 buildings this past week. I don’t like doing apartment complexes, so they were the first thing to fall by the wayside when WALK inspections took over my company. Now if the right Realtor were to call… But people calling for inspections on apartment complexes are usually price shoppers, and everyone here keeps telling me that I shouldn’t work for price shoppers, so I guess I have succombed to the prevailing attitude, huh?

Factor in both! You’ll need to inspect each unit, but also all the common areas, carports, laundries, pool, clubhouse, etc…