Asphalt shingle cracks

Sample of “cracks” in shingles I noticed at more than 5 locations at different areas of gable roof, north and south side. They all had the exact same pattern, two curved cracks, left at top, right at bottom.

Manufacturer defect? Roof covering is less than 1 yr. old, at least 2 layers, possible 3.

Pics are 2 separate locations, kind of hard to see, best I could do.

interesting how they seem to telegraph from a tab below…

I would say that they installed the new shingles on a windy day and they ripped along the butt in this area. This does not appear to be a manufacture defect but careless installation.

Strange, as said all were same pattern/location at tab, but at sporadic locations at roof.

I’ve not run across anything quite like that Chris, my hunch would have something to do with the number of layers but a wag at best …I’ll be interested to see if You can come to a conclusion on this one…

Was there staples or nails in the attic?

Nails were all that were visible.

If it OSB it can have tear off from the wind but you said it is on both sides and this creates a problem with the wind theory. Maybe Robert or Marcel have something else to add.

That’s why I posted here. :mrgreen::slight_smile:

Drip edge and rake showed 2 layers. Noticed “hump” at first row indicating one layer had been removed.

This was a bank repo. The bank actually paid a contractor to fix it up a little, inside and out. :shock: It was only about 15 squares, it would have been an easy tear-off.

Expansion and contraction.
Doubt you would see the MFG honor the warranty though. They would find something wrong with the installation.

The shingles contract after expanding and it tears them. Are they fiberglass?

1" wood planks, built in 1950. Good condition at attic/interior side.


Already figured mfg would not honor warranty.

I’m going to report seal cracks with approved sealant/caulking and monitor for future damage/repair.

I would stay away from recommending a repair and report pre-mature failure and recommend a roofing contractor evaluate.


1950’s home with new engineered shingles might cause a problem since the whole house is moving and expansion and contraction of the planks will happen more than if it was plywood.

Might be a better idea.

Was it wide spread across the roof or isolated/

I remember a while back fiberglass shingles had a bonding problem and when it got cold out they would tear like you picture shows.

Wide spread, both sides of gable roof. Also a few horizotal cracks, which I’ve seen many time before, have never seen one mentioned. 2nd pic. not too good, one area of horizontal was about 5’ across.

Wow, that is bad.

At least it’s an easy roof to replace.

Should have been tear off first time.

As discussed in threads elsewhere on this message board, several manufacturers have been having problems with cracking in newer installed roof shingles. Google Owens-Corning for one, Certainteed is another.