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While cleaning out my mother-in-law’s gutters, I took the oportunity to inspect her roof. It is about 4 years old, warm weather installation by the previous owner (not a roofer but no slouch either), full length ridge vent, perforated vinyl soffets (not sure what’s above them, solid wood, insulation, nothing?), in the shade until 10am and after 2pm. The first few feet up from the gutter on the east and south faces the shingles are cracking. Not through but visible. Most seem to start at the gap between the shingles above, some travel vertical, some veer to horizontal and travel about 2" below the bottom of the upper row.

Since it's a relative's house... why, what, how and/or whom?

Since I'm learning...If it were a client what to report?

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The cracking you are describing is likely to be a Manufacturing defect if the roof is only 4 years old.

Recommend contacting the Roofer making the installation regarding any applicable warranties. If you know which shingle manuafacturer, you can contact the Manufacturer's Representrative directly for evaluation of the roofing material.

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What type of roof decking does it have?

Were these shingles applied over existing or was the roof fully stripped?

Are the soffit vents open?

Just curious is all.

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