Asphalt shingles and sheathing

Do you guys call out lack of H clips? How about no nails coming through the sheathing (too short). One layer, not a high wind area. I still called both out, but kept it in perspective.


Yes, I write them up for complete tear off and re-install when shingles are not properly secured.
H clips are noted for absence and recommended if the deck is ever replaced.
One Texas storm and the shingles will be in the neighbors yard.
Seen it on more than one occasion.

Please explain how you keep wrong installation practices in perspective?

You’re not gonna tear off the roof covering to install H clips.


No, please read what I wrote. H clips are noted for absence and recommended if the deck is ever replaced.

well that’s what I meant by keeping things in perspective.

H-Clips are not required in all sheathing applications.

As an example, 32/16-span rated SHEATHING SPAN can span up to 32 inches with edge support (i.e., if panel edge clips or other edge support is used) but only 28 inches when no edge support is used. Therefore, a 32/16-span rated SHEATHING SPAN panel used for roof sheathing over supports spaced at 24 inches on center can support a uniform live load of 70 psf and panel clips or other edge support would not be required.

As to the shingle nails being exposed from the underside of the roof. If the hardware (for the shingle installation) can not be viewed, I always red flag the shingle installation.

Hi. Dave;

Although it is recommended on the sheathihg that different spans are allowed, none of the writings indicate whether or not you can use H-clips or not. In a 19/32 sheathing, I have never used an H-clip in the old years, is that because that plywood is not what it was before??

If a roof is disgned for 70lb’s snow load, I would hope that it is constructed of 19/32" plywood, and the fact the the spaceing of rafters of a 70lb. rated roof is off the chart I would review that aspect. You might find that 19.2" is the maximum.
If you are referring to the IRC, then one would expect, that the rafters are not supporting the ceiling.

Other than that, I agree that H-clips have been produced to accommodate and supplement the degrading of plywood quality over the years. Why was that not introduced 30 years ago.?? It was not needed then and no problems ever occurred.
Since we are only HI’s, I guess we will stick to the SOP, right. ha. ha.

Marcel:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: