No H clips New Const.

I have ran across a couple of newer homes lately where once in the attic the wood had no h clips and was tight as a drum. looked to be standard 7/16 sheathing.

I have seen the zip system stuff but it even has visible spacing designs.
Do they make a common t&g for roof decking?
The one today had a detached garage and the roof on it did have the clips.

Maybe this is an odd spacing but 16" OC does not require clips. They should have spaced the sheathing though. I would write uplack of spaceing but not H-clips.

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A lack of H-clips should not be noted as a defect unless:
construction plans reveal that their use is required. Keep in mind that inspectors will probably never see these plans.

the inspector knows for a fact that they were required in a building’s jurisdiction at the time of construction.
In either of these situations, inspectors should note the absence of H-clips in their reports.

From H-Clips for Inspectors - InterNACHI

The h-clips are a “recommendation” not a requirement, according to the APA.
Roof sheathing installation

That goes for here too and I look for spacing but** Note** that H clips are just good practice. If asked why then I explain to my client it keeps the space between sheathing and prevents sags between truss runs. Now if I see 24 on center then I make a Note they are missing and sagging may occur in time.

That makes sense.
Personally if I see them often note as such but only notate absence when I see an issue from lack of them.

How silly would I be looking at old as the hills sheathing with no warp and calling to have it installed as example.

** **How about could they have used tongue and grove sheathing back then ??

Not the ones I have seen.But then most of it was slats with better wood…

You can tell it is tongue and grove easily Roy. Shine the flashlight up between the sheathing if you see wood you know it is tongue and grove. You also can use your flat head screw driver, a piece of thin plastic or anything that fits in the gap to see how far in it will go. One other thing everyone should know is the flash of your camera does a great job of giving you the best picture rather than depending on your flashlight to give the best lighting.

Been a couple million houses built without them using typical-thickness panel roof sheathing (approx. 7/16")with no problems associated. H-clips provide edge support between the bays but since they act as solid spacers, there’s a continuous physical connection between panels and panels can still bow if they get wet and expand, which the purpose of spacing panels.

Never heard of H clips! Always called “edge clips”. Been a FL roofing contractor for 20 years!! Missed it on internachi!