Atlanta Home Inspector Walks Roofs

I did not pick up my first pair of Cougar Paw Roofing Shoes until a few years in as an Atlanta Home Inspector.

But I’m glad I did! They are one of the best investments I made! I feel more secure when walking those high pitched or steep slope roofs.

We are not absolutely required to physically walk or access the roofs but owner Ray Thoroman of Superior Home Inspections and South East Building Consultants try’s to access every roof he can. There are simply too many nooks or areas that are not visually accessible here in Atlanta Georgia.

I would recommend any inspector to check into owning a pair of Cougar Paws!

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Atlanta Georgia Home Inspector

Here in Atlanta Georgia, there are many high pitched roofs. Most times its near impossible for an home inspector to visually inspect every portion of the roof covering. Often times the inspector will simply put in the inspection report that there was a section that was not visually accessible. This is perfectly fine and I have no issues with that. Matter of fact every so often there are areas even when walking a roof that I can’t visually see.

But when you hire an inspector in Atlanta Georgia that is inspecting your prospective home, it would be most beneficial to ask the inspector if he does physically walk the roof covering if possible. There are many defects found in areas that are just not visible from the ground or with binoculars or on ladders.

As you can see on this particular roof covering, there was a missing shingle at the front upper roof. It was not visible from the ground. There was a small leak and no signs of the leak in the room below or on the sheetrock ceiling.
If you have questions or would like a free quote for your prospective Atlanta Home Inspection, feel free to contact us.

Thanks Ray, I have been contemplating picking up a pair. I walk 95% of the roofs here.

I carry a pair of Tiger Paws for for high pitched roofs.
But for our hard to reach roofs, we inspect with our feet planted on the ground.

Very good investment Troy. Very good product, made right here in the USA.

Hey Linas, that’s next on my list, getting a drone for those areas such as an 20 ft chimney chase cap on top of a 12/12 pitched roof :slight_smile:

Or just take Charley’s course. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right forgot about that. Charley, how much is that course again? :smiley:

He only teaches the course to folks who wear a red hat

Dammit, now I have to buy Tiger Paws and a Drone…

…and a Red Hat…:mrgreen:

$One pair of testicles.00:D

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