Attic access doors

Can any one tell me where, if any,a code that address attic doors to dwelling. Do they need to be fire rated? I found a hollow core wood door with rubber weather strip.

I recommend installing 5/8" drywall over every existing wood access door. Replace wood frame that holds door in place with dywall frame. No code reference, common sense safety issue. Stan

If the access door has a wooden frame…Please explain why you would replace a wood frame with a “Dry wall frame”.

The wood frame burns away. The access door falls to the garage floor, leaving a big hole for fire to enter the attic.


Using your logic do you also reccommend replacing the wood garage entry door frames to the living space with drywall?

Seems like fire taping or fire caulking before wood trim placement would accomplish what you are attempting to do with drywall. May even look nicer.


Thanks… I have not laughed so hard in a long, long time! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were really serious about the “burning frame” falling to the floor you would have recommended a :oops: “FIRE RATED”#-o steel / metal door and framework!

In another comment {if I read you correctly} you recommend “closing / eliminating ALL attic access doors” I asked what about the ones that come “Pre Manufactured” and are in the bedrooms or upstairs hallways?

Do you have an answer for that question? ](*,)

Now… really… what is your reasoning behind all of this?

If you are just “Joking / Kidding around” please let me know so that I can move on to other things. :wink:


If you want a fire rated attic access door, install one of these:

I didn’t make myself clear. I was talking garage ceilings only. If the attic access door is wood I recommend it be covered with 5/8" drywall. Most of the trim that holds the door in place around here is wood trim used around interior doorways. Replace that with drywall and eliminate all exposed wood. You look up and see no wood. I’m glad I made you laugh. It is good for the soul. I will choose my words more carefully next time. Stan

I’ve never seen this type of installation (and probably never will) - Do you have a picture of this installation? I can picture in my head, but I’d like to see a finished product.

If it’s hot enought to burn the trim off the ceiling access hatch, you’re screwed anyhow. JMO

Here is the substitute, but doubt we will see those on our inspections.


[size=6]R-42! [/size] [size=4]Model 22 x 30 - Perfect for Builders and Contractors for NEW and RETROFIT Construction Meets and Exceeds all Building Code Requirements[/size] Last Inspection did not have a hatch.

Previous was nailed shut.

Previous to that was plywood.

I’m lucky to find one that is 22"x22".

Marcel :slight_smile:

In new construction up here, I just about always see one similar to that one. They take the window cutout from a slab foam core steel door and build a frame for it. The frame has a weatherstripped ledge/lip for the core, now attic hatch door, to sit on. It’s made to install between trusses 24" o.c. and can be trimmed out to match what’s in the house. It only comes with the door core for insulation (about R9-10) so the installer must glue another R30 or so rigid fopm to the upper side of the hatch. Cost is about $45.00…not too bad!!

If your worried about a fire, just use this oversized candle snuffer.:mrgreen:


Licensing solves nothing.

Maybe he’s one of the hundreds you’ve noted that doesn’t have one. :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s hope anyway.

Wow. I’m recommending further fire protection at the wood access door on the garage ceiling, that’s a good idea isn’t it? It eliminates all exposed wood. If you find that odd that is OK with me. That is your opinion. No need to get personal guys. You don’t know me, you have no idea of what type of inspector I am. Stop the hatred. I’ve been viewing this message board for 4 years now and it is a great source of information. Your replies should not surprise me. And yes I am licensed and will be renewing in November. I did my pre licensing through the Midwest Inspectors Institute (Thomas Lauhon) and it was very very informative. Licensing gives you credit in the eyes of the client and that in turn gets you inspections. You guys have a nice week. Stan

In 31 years of inspecting in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and Nebraska I’ve never seen anything but old fashioned drywall, plywood or a doorway used for attic access.

Neat looking stuff, but I don’t know anybody around here willing to pay for this.

I didn’t know Tom had an approved school for Pre-Licensing or CE in Illinois.I* d*idn’t see it or him listed on the Illinois list. Have I missed it.

It won’t stop. Didn’t you find out over the four years that if your opinion differs from the long timers that you’re always wrong and should be banned from inspecting? It’s a read-only message board. No opinions…period.

Wow, I’m sorry that is your only experience. That would be a bummer to be around that arrogance continually. We could all try to be more welcoming.