Attic conditions - vents covered?

I saw multiple issues with this attic:

  1. can I infer that the insulation is covering the soffit venting. Looks like it and no baffles.

    2). Can we infer this is mold on the insulation or should I say “black stains” and why is this section of the insulation higher and boxed in?

    3). Is this rat poison food?

  1. Only if you have confirmed that there are soffit vents. If attic ventilation is inadequate whether there are vents or not be sure to report it.
  2. I don’t see any organic growth on the framing. Air leakage from the attic to the living space can cause dark staining of fiberglass insulation because it acts as an air filter collecting airborne dust/dirt over years. It could be air migration at the raised ceiling area so I would stick to what you know to be true (i.e., the insulation is stained)
  3. Yes, rodent bait
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Thank you Chuck, that was helpful, but do you now why in picture number 3 and 4 there is a raised insulation boxing?

No. You have to walk out there and look. Often times when people work in the attic (e.g., installing ceiling fixtures) they remove portions of the insulation and don’t put them back. Seems to happen more often than not.

Come on man, you were there, we weren’t. What room or space was under that part of the attic?
Was it a tray ceiling, soffit, or similar feature? You have to start to mentally connect the dots as you move through a house.


If there are soffit vents installed outdoors, baffles should have been installed. However, if other forms of ventilation are provided it may not be necessary.
Looks like a raised ceiling due to ceiling design. You should have been able to tell this from your inspection.
That’s rodent trap/poison.
I don’t see other signs of moisture/mold on the sheathing, more than likely just dirt on the insulation during installation but these are you should consider when inspecting the attic space.

These are very basic questions. I’d recommend you go back to the inspecting attics education internachi provides.

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And very basic/common “issues”

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