Attic Fire

This is a detached garage with evidence of fire damage to the roof structure. Other than a few spots, the burning doesn’t seem too severe. Do you guys see a need for further evaluation or do I just note it?

Looks like repairs have been made, new insulation and new wood members. I would recommend asking seller to provide info/ documentation of repairs if available.

Did it smell of smoke???

Typically, the charred members need to be treated. “Charcoal” has a much lower flash-point than raw lumber. This stuff could easily catch fire again.

What Jeff said. Around here we actually still use charcoal to BBQ cause it ignites and burns so well.

Doug :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it did not smell of smoke at all. I didn’t have access to a seller’s disclosure or the owner so I’m not sure how long ago the fire happened.

I will recommend they get further information from the seller on the repairs made and that the charred members be treated or replaced due to their low flash point.

Does that sound about right? Thanks guys.

Needs to be treated…
I just finished inspecting one… they used BIN (Zinnser)
in treating rafters that were charred yet structurally sound.

when every we would come across a fire damage bldg we would have to use a shellac base primer on the wood i have even used it on smoke damaged sheetrock works great

The lumber should be treated with a fire-resistant sealer. There are several brands/types available.