Burnt Rafters

Can someone point me in a direction for an ariticle on the web discussing how much of a rafter (and other wood framing) can be burned (charred) before you need to replace.

The house today, in one area of the house, had an approx. 1/16" to 1/8" charred areas on all sides of the rafters/framing (2x4 material).

The buyer and agent would like to see an article.

thanks in advance.


I would say that any signs of fire damage, with regards to roofing structure, should be referred to a licensed and insured structural engineer or general contractor.

Why take on the liability.

If the client doubts your findings and chooses to buy the place anyway (without further, expert, investigation) it is on them.

If the Realtor makes a stink., kindly inform them that if the recommend to the client that it is not a ‘real problem’, they have just taken on the liability.

Get’s them every time.

It would depend on many factors, such as the type of wood, span distance, where along the span the damage is, etc. Best person to make those calculations is a structural engineer.

Thanks William and RR.

Yea, I recommended to have further evaluated. I just have a feeling that she is going to buy without doing the above. I know it’s not my problem, I just thought I could help her by showing her a “general rule of thumb” for her use.

I know that if i was getting my tranny in my burban fixed for second gear not working, and someone said, hey, your clutches for 3rd and overdrive are scorched but still working, I personally would like to make that decesion to replace or not by further investigating, what’s the life of that little bugger after being scorched, etc…

Although I often suggest to have further evaluated, I still like to give further information. I think cause i would like it for myself, I’m Anal, LOL.

I might need to re-visit my thinking on this, I don’t know. what are ya’lls thoughts? I guess giving her something, she could possibly read it wrong and make the wrong decesion?