Attic inspected, your thoughts??

Hey everyone,

I wrote in an earlier post about how we are trying to buy a house but it had no attic access. Well the seller agreed to have an opening made and he did this yesterday. Our inspector went to inspect it today. He said it looked pretty good for the most part and that it breathes good. There was an area that had condensation from the roofing nails( they were rusty). He refer to this area being like “rainy Attic”. I guess meaning the condensation is due to the winter time and I am guessing a lot of attics have that. There was a small area with possible mold!! This of course scares the crap out of me. His recommendation was to have an attic export to come out and seal it better and maybe have the air quality guy( mold) just take a look at that small minor area. He said overall the attic looked great. I want to attach some picture for you all to see but cannot find the paperclip on here to attach them. How do I attach a PDF file on here?

If it is a “rainy attic” it does not " breath good". Improve the ventilation.

“Rainy attic?” Never heard that before.

Kind of like buying a car that smokes a little.
Anything that makes nails rust needs some type of remediation.

But as you say, “its a tiny area.”
Don’t buy until you feel comfortable.

Non-members are not allowed to post photos, thus no ‘paperclip’.
Post them with an online service, and then post a link here to them, such as one would do with youtube.

Did not know that, thanks JJ

Jenny …

Mold scares the crap out of you??

Bottom Line if your home inspector didn’t tell you. ALL houses have mold.
There is mold outside in your backyard; at the grocery store, etc.

The only question is how much, what kind and how do YOU react to that type

Hi there! Mold should not build up in any area or the overall surrounding area in the house. If it is “rainy attic” and does not smells good then improve the ventilation of the room.

That is my verbal narrative when a client ask about mold. Of course if I see a moldy area I will mention it, but I find a lot my clients are just scared to hear the word “mold”. So I often have to educate them a bit.

Maybe use the term organic substance instead of mold. Without testing you cant be sure, but it also does not scare them (although it probably is mold).