Attic inspection

Have a look at one of several cracked rafters I found on an inspection yesterday. What would have caused this much damage to over a dozens rafters. Some were split worse than others and several rafters were pulled away from the ridge board. Any thoughts out there ??

Refer it !

Thanks, I did
Just curious as to the possible cause

Unless it was impact damage, the most common cause is inferior grade lumber that already had a crack / split when installed, and just opened up when dried out in a hot attic.

Thanks, my original thought was a tree may have fallen several years ago as the split rafters seemed to be in a specific area of the roof. Appreciate your feedback !

This is good information for you but I would not confuse the customer by saying that in my report .
You could be wrong and then the fun begins . just refer it .

I agree as I did refer it. Just trying to satisfy my own curiosity.