Attic Pull-Down ladders. Please proof this new inspection article.

“Some of the more common defective conditions observed by inspectors are include:”

This does not sound right to me.

Nice information. I would also include something about standing at the side of the ladder or being careful when opening them. You show a folding ladder but there are ones that slide. Some of these have a tendency to slide down without notice when opened. I would not want to get hit in the head with one of these.

thanks David

Thanks Nick. I have opened several, and have had debris fall. Some have not been opened in years. I wonder if this is beyond the SOP’s?

Great article. Most pull down ladders here are installed in garage ceilings, which voids the attic fire resistant barrier in most cases.

That is probably the most common issue I find. I don’t see it addressed in the article.
I did see one pull down ladder in a new home that was built using fire resistant plywood.

I took this comment from the article and massaged it for use in my reports:

INSPECTORS TIP: Avoid carrying very heavy items into the attic. While properly installed stairways may safely support an adult man, they could fail with the additional weight of a heavy item. Such trips should be split up to reduce the risk of failure and subsequent injury/damage.