Attic ladder in garage

If a pull down attic ladder in the garage ceiling is considered a breach of the firewall, what is the suggested remedy?

Some ladders are treated and fire rated. Those are OK. There should be labeling on the attic side of the pull-down cover.

It can be.

It depends on if the attic above has its own firewall or open to the attic of the rest of the home.

Remedy also depends on is this the ONLY access or a can it be sealed up?

They do make fire rated pull-down ladders.
fire rated attic ladder - Google Search

Here is a few examples of fire rated labels/stamps.

Thank you all. Back to studying. I promised myself that if I ever broke my leg, I would have time to get my inspection license. That time has come, and I am 37 credits deep.

What would have happened if you lost an arm?

What a strange self promise. I hope it was not a serious break in your leg because climbing ladders is part of the job.

The strange part is the SOP say ya don’t have to get on a ladder;-)