Attic Pull Down String

I’ve recently encountered a couple attic access doors without any means of opening them, like a string or even a hook with a pole. Also, I’ve had a couple that were impossible to open without the use of a ladder. I’ve been writing them up in my reports, because if I were buying, I would like to know if it took special means to open the attic.

I’m wondering if y’all write that up or not. I looked all over the forums, and didn’t find anything on this. If it exists, just point me in the right direction.


Eric Frey

If it came with a rope to pull the ladder down and no longer has the rope than yes it is a defect.

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I agree with the above, the objective of a pull down ladder is to do just that without the use of another ladder to accomplish it. It would therefore be defective in it’s operation.

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I look @ it sorta like the emergency release for the auto garage door opener, which is usually where the stairs are, in the garage.
I wanna see a pull rope with a handle not more that 6 ft above the floor.
I’d estimate 7 out of 10 stairs are shaky/NOT level to the floor, missing bolts, etc.

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I just do what I need to do to gain access. Ide feel like crap writing in my report that I couldn’t access the attic because the rope was missing. I would mention it missing, but proceed with the attic inspection. I even had one attic sealed with caulking and screws. I reported it to the listing agent telling her I would have to return to inspect the attic at the sellers cost. She called back 5 min later saying the sellers give me permission to do whatever I need to do to gain access through the sealed access panel. That’s all I need to hear… I hear of inspectors that won’t move a few boxes, or clothes, to get to an access in a closet. I don’t sweat it. I’ll do my best within reason to access anything I’m supposed to inspect.

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I do the same, Scott.

Just to be clear, I still went inside these attic spaces to inspect. My question was more specific to whether or not it is a defect to have a difficult (sometimes dangerous) access to these spaces.

I would’t have even noted it.
If you use those ladders you are asking for trouble.

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I would inspect the attic, tell my client how inefficient the pull down stairs are, suggest removing the pull down stairs, insulate and ventilate the attic properly, then insulate and seal the opening.and store the Christmas tree somewhere else.

As Roy said, I do not use the pull down stairs. I use my own ladder. I had a bad experience with one collapsing!

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Yes, I pulled down one set, and parts and springs started flying everywhere! Haha! :joy: