Attic spray foam

Inspected house yesterday where entire attic was sprayed under roofing with spray foam. Everything was covered. Does anyone have any information about this type of insulation…GOOD, BAD or indifferent. Cost the man $5000.00, but attic was very cool, about 50 deg, exterior temps were about 70 degrees.

Never mind.

What did you find out?

Check for information on sealed attics.

It’s called a hotroof. I run into them all of the time in Vermont. There should be an air exchange system with it. Otherwise, your house is too darn tight and there will possibly be some issues down the road with indoor air quality and humidity.

Check your local or state code requirements, in Florida sealed attic spaces are required to meet certain criteria to qualify as “Sealed”. Specifically, the process has three choice of installation: air-impermeable, air-permeable air impermeable, and air permeable. If the installed insulation is air-permeable, it is required to have a class 1 vapor retarder in some form. It is important to remember that changing the attic to a non-vented sealed space does relocate the thermal barrier, so to speak. That being the case, the conditioned space needs to be updated to include the attic space for moisture control(ashrae). This creates a concern for proper sizing of the A/C as you are adding cubic volume to the conditioned space. But like I said, that’s in Florida. Check your local code requirements.

Icynene - Google it - Very common in my area (Florida)