Attic ventilation above a garage

My question is:
A home built in 2001 has an attached garage, but the garage attic space is isolated from the rest of the home attic. The garage attic has soffit vents, but no other ventilation as required by FBC 1203.2

Do you guys/gals know the FBC on above garage attic ventilation?

Ventilation .
Garage has soffit vents but No other, recommend upgrade to proper ventilation .

Move on to the next thing on your list . KISS

I always tell people how hot the attic is. If one space is isolated away from the other spaces that are vented then it can be a problem. Where is the heat suppose to go? it rises and gets trapped roasting the roof. Just put it in the report what you observe and recommend a vent. What they do later is no concern.

I moved on a rec’ed just that.

Client called and is wondering why the VA App had issue with it.