Attic wiring??

A inaccessible part of the attic had styrofoam board insulation that the wiring had sunk into. Would this be because of the heat in this space and/or maybe this styrofoam isn’t meant to be used in the attic?

Report what you see and refer it out to a qualified professional for repair/replacement….I mean, the wire appears to have indented the foam board. :slight_smile:

Not sure about the installation, but they make v-grooved foam board just to put the sheathed electrical wire in it so it sits flush.

So no worries about possibly the wiring itself getting hot? Overloaded? Just throwing that out there. :slight_smile:

It is in the report … I didn’t feel comfortable not soooo. I just don’t like making issues from nothing. I know everyone has opinions on that. I am no electrician so its in the report.

One wire melts into the styrofoam while the other one doesn’t…

Styrofoam insulation doesn’t belong in attics. I would list as a fire hazard. Flame-spread and smoke-development

Agreed. Should not be there or it should be covered with a fire resistant material.


Let’s not forget the toxic fumes Styrofoam will create when it burns.