styrofoam insulation?

On the job. Never seen white styrofoam insulation in an attic. Not sheets of it but more like if you had a styrofoam ice box and destroyed it and filled an attic. Is this allowed?

It is white polystyrene bead insulation. It was originally used as an insulation in the voids of block walls. Can be blown into wall cavities and some have used it in attics although it is difficult to apply in attics as it easily picks up static charge and is hard to apply evenly. It seems to be used more overseas then here. R-value is about 2.3 per inch.

Not healthy in case of a fire ?

I would not want it in my attic. Polystyrene releases noxious fumes when ignited and here in the states polystyrene board insulation must be covered with a fire resistant material. I do not know how polystyrene bead insulation gets around this requirement.

I am sure that ASME and/or NFPA have tested this material and weighed in on its safety but I do not have access to their database at this time.