Attorney looking for home inspector for expert witness work in Iowa.

Weiner, Joshua S. <>
1:40 PM (14 minutes ago)

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Good afternoon,

I’m writing to inquire whether InterNACHI has some directory of certified expert witness home inspectors. I am specifically looking for a home inspector with expert witness experience/certification in the Sioux City, Iowa area.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Interesting… I have always tried to steer HI’s away from being an “expert” witness and stick with being a generalist. However, to each their own I guess.

FYI- Any HI’s that ever want to go up against me on some electrical issues in a courtroom where I was hired as an EW…BEWARE…I don’t code fair…lol

Good Luck in your search Mr. Gromicko…now change my dang title to “Grand Electrical Overlord”…right away !

How does one get an “expert witness” status that he is looking for? Just curious for the future.

You have to be recognized by the courts as an authority in a particular field, typically a narrow field. Home inspectors are by definition, generalists.

Paul’s advice is wise advice for home inspectors.