Inspectors Needed

Hello my name is George Grund and I have just renewed my membership and got a call from a Nolan Smith at Home Advisor he wanted to know if I could be called upon for a home inspection. I have certificates that I’ve taken the course but am not a Wisconsin Certified home inspector. While I feel confident I could do an inspection seeing how I have all the reference materials here at InterNachi but I am not familiar with the legalities of this. If I’m not saying anything that in other words if I don’t write about anything that is written in stone. I can really only make suggestions as to what I think needs more review by said electrical, mechanical or structural engineer. I’m in Door County Wisconsin all the way up at Egg Harbor. Most of the older homes may exhibit some water damage or sinking foundation or chimney problems , mold stuff like that.
My question is what is it that I need to get on the road with this. I have a pretty good working knowledge of what can and will go wrong with the older homes up here. Anyway I don’t know what to do. I have a printer should I download some of these documents and I can get started or do I back off and have to be a state certified home inspector . Where is it that I stand. On one hand I know I could do a good job and on the other I don’t want to get into trouble just because I said that some ones house should be looked at by a structural engineer because their house is settling too far? I can be reached at or you can call me at 920-559-5122 a land line.

Wisconsin has a home inspector law.

You must pass the NHIE and the WI home inspector law test.

You are not issued a license until you have paid a licensure fee and accomplish all required tasks.