Awesome deal on InterNACHI's Manual for a Happy Home!

Keith Swift has a new website for the InterNACHI home maintenance guide, Manual For a Happy Home, and he’s offering a fantastic Get a Case at 1/2 price deal. That’s only $2.25 per inspection for the best marketing tool available. All you need to do is visit and sign the guestbook. When you place your order, just write “guestbook” in the special comment box.

Nice offer Nick, my clients really like these books.

Use the Customer Satisfaction Survey with them:

We are on our 3rd edition, and it has some nice additions, such as a section devoted to inspections that will educate your clients about inspections, so that they’ll have reasonable expectations. We’ve had some kind words from you guys already and appreciate them.

Keith, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I bought more of these books than anyone on earth… if that says anything about what I think of the book.

Nick - Correct as usual.

Nick Gromicko has purchased over $100,000.00 worth of these books and is giving a free case to any InterNACHI member who buys a case (while supplies last). That’s right, order a case and he’ll buy you a second case for free. That drops the price to only $2.25 each! (80 books, a $1,996.00 retail value for $180, insane).

InterNACHI members can still get this deal. Just go to and at the bottom of the order form write: Send me a case for Free.

I hand one out after each inspection. These are really appreciated by buyers, especially first time buyers.

Great book, Keith; my clients really appreciate them!

Thanks Russell.

The Buy-one-case, get-one-case free deal is still going strong. That works out to only $2.25 per book. An amazing price for an eighty page, full color book, and don’t forget that this latest version has a chapter on Inspections that educates your clients about the inspection process and what to realistically expect. Just go to


There are only 2 marketing tools that work every time. A book like Keith’s is one sure-fire marketing tool. It works.

A few people have called to ask if the book special is still available. - Yes it is. - When Nick Gromicko wants discounts for his members, He gets it.

We just added a forum section to the book website. Please visit and give us some feedback. Sign the guestbook while your there, and don’t forget that we are still having the fantastic buy one case -get one case free deal.

That’s only $2.25 per book. - All thanks to Nick!