Order next few days and get free shipping and 10 free books.

Awesome deal Nick I think I will be ordering. Kudos to Ben G, Great job.

Is there away to get (buy) this book completely on PDF? I have only twice actually handed a printed report to a client. Many I never even meet.

? So you mean you want to actually give the information to the client ??? Oh. I never even thought of that. :wink:

I think you see where I’m going with this. It’s all about marketing, not informing… and for that you need the printed book.

Is the free shipping offer available to members in Canada?


Christian, it is free to you, not to me… shipping to Canada costs me more than the book itself… but I want you to have them.

This whole book project is totally subsidized for you. We even had major companies (like Brinks) pay to be on the last page of the book (the references page). The U.S. Chamber of Commerce got us 20% off the cost of printing and a big discount from FedEx.

It took a lot of work to get these down to $1.99 each… so exploit it! If I had a book like this back in the day when I was a home inspector, the trunk of my car would be full of them constantly so that I could pass them out (with my inspection contact info label attached of course) every where I go… and I mean everywhere.

If you are driving by a real estate agency, an insurance agency, a bank, a home for sale… you should be dropping off this marketing tool.

Nick, is this the latest reprint of Keith’s book?

No. It is a totally new book.

Keith Swift’s: www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm
Rich Carlisle’s: www.nachi.org/homeowners-handbook-2009.htm
Ben Gromicko’s: www.nachi.org/now.htm

I placed an order yesterday but I did not receive a confirmation.

How do I know if my order was placed. Most online orders you receive a response or are able to print a receipt.

I ordered mine this morning, same thing. I Know where the home office is, Im not worried:) Looking forward to receiving them, I told a Realtor about them this morning, and already have several spoken for.

We are packing them up and shipping them now. Over 15,000 sold in 4 days (we need a 2nd edition already :roll:) so it is going to take us at least a week to get them all out the door.

Probably thinking that some editing should be done…just my opinion.

Every InterNACHI member was given plenty of opportunity to edit the book:

Those who contributed are getting their free books first.

New suggestions will be adopted by the 2nd edition (which appears will need to go to print soon).