B-vent going through side of house

So there is a b-vent going through the basement wall for the furnace. Am I correct that this is only allowed if it’s a pvc vent for a high efficiency furnace?

Do you have any more information on the furnace such as the category?


As Martin had asked, any additional info or picture of the unit

That is correct a B vent is not allowed to terminate through a wall horizontally. I suspect there is more to this furnace and would like to know the model. Pictures of the furnace with flue connectors would help.

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PVC is most common for homes. But up here in cold country (MN) we see many garage heaters with Z-vent stainless steel sidewall venting and horizontal termination, which is allowed. Of course we also see just as many unapproved b-vent horizontal terminations because of the cost of the Z-vent product, lol.

Thanks for the information, guys. Here are some more pictures of the furnace.

That is an old gal, 25 years. Might be time to get that high efficiency and solve the problem :slight_smile:

Just curious, what is this?

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That’s the vent for the high efficiency water heater next to it.

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Intake or exhaust? Where is the intake?

I just looked up the serial number. Manufactured in 1996. 25 years right on the money!

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The inducer fan cover on that furnace also looks to be cracked - a common issue on that age/type of furnace. I agree with the others that the installation if incorrect. Get it off your plate and get an HVAC tech out to clean up the mess.

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