B300 AND T300 Sale!

For a limited time we have the Flir T300 and B300 at a rock bottom price of $8995! You can get one of the industry’s BEST thermal imagers at an unbelievable price. Get the high performance of the T and B300 and it’s superior features at this hard to believe price! As always NACHI members are eligible for an even “additional” discount…call or email me for details.



Rick Bridges
732-728-25666 (direct)

New 320x240 resolution IR camera can be had for $1500 less.
Just saying… for my students only.

As usual John, you provide no details.

A Chinese company is selling a 320X240 in the USA. I evaluated it for a week along with the Testo and the 320X240 was a very poor implementation.

You would have people believe all 160X120’s are the same, all 320X240’s are the same but they are not. The sensor grade varies, the quality of engineering and manf. varies.

I sure would like to know what 320x240 camera has a price point of around $7500…what unis is that John?

F*E and FR salesmen get mad at me if I give out details on public forums.
But my students have NEVER come away from my class, after they purchased
our heavily discounted IR cameras, and called me a liar. What they have done
is thank me for finding them the lowest prices in the USA. I am not pushing
the idea that all IR cameras are the same and am willing to challenge the IR
camera salesmen to give us (the inspector) lower prices. Yes, I am guilty.

If I find lower prices, then what is wrong with that? Many F*E and FR
salesmen have verified that you are not suppose to give out low prices
in public. They have called me many times and whined on the phone about
my students having access to such low prices. So what?

Sign up for our IR class and get the lowest price IR cameras you have ever seen.

You will notice that you never hear of any of my students coming on the forum
and complaining about the low priced deal they got on our IR cameras :slight_smile:
I do not sell cameras but find good deals for my students. One guy said he
saved enough money to go on a vacation to Hawaii …:slight_smile: